Agency design

Final Paper: Agency Design

– Your task is to identify a social problem or an at-risk population that speaks to you and your future work.

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- Having identified your focus, your task is to create/propose a new and unique agency design that is fully integrated.

**Agency Need (35 points):

1.     Define the specific social problem, health issues for which your agency will provide services (must differ from your group project). 

2.     Describe the types of services the agency will offer. (Services/interventions must be grounded in literature and based on your chosen population). 

3.     Grounded on the existent literature, establish the need for your agency. 

4.     Identify the geographical area your agency will serve. 

a. Describe the population demographics, socioeconomic make-up, community strengths and assets. 

5.     Identify other resources within your city/county with whom you can form collaborative relationships. 

**Agency Structure (20 points) 1.Give your agency a name.:

2.     Develop your vision (motto) and mission statements (150 words) that reflect 

your agency’s purpose. Research other human service agencies to see their 

vision and mission statements. 

3.     Develop your organizational chart, what roles must be filled to cover the 

functional aspects of your agency? The organizational chart should reflect the top leadership position and the direct supports that make up important functions. Do your research – the org chart should reflect the size of your agency. 

4.     What are your staffing needs? Include the roles and responsibilities of staff performing day-to-day duties. Again, consider the size of your agency and the population served. How many clinicians make sense? Administrative staff do you need to support clinical staff? Imagine you are writing a “job description” for your hires to outline expectations for specific roles. 

**Physical plant/location (10 points) :

1.     Where is your agency located? 

2.     What is the accessibility for clients in the service area? Transportation? 

3.     Will you rent, purchase, or share space with an existing community resource? 

Funding Sources (10 points) 

1.     Where will you obtain the funding for your start-up capital? (i.e grants- select 

which ones you will apply for). 

2.     Will you bill third party payers, be eligible for Medicaid, offer a sliding scale 

option for clients, contract with justice system, etc.? 

Assessments (15 points) 

1. How will you determine the success of your programs? (For example: reduce rates of teen substance abuse by 5%. 

a. What specific measures will you use to show progress? i. Surveys, interviews, questionnaires, etc. 

Specific guidelines include (10 points): 

·       6-8 pages in length. 

·       Minimum 10 peer-reviewed scholarly articles 

·       Adherence to APA format (including in-text citations and Reference page). 

·       Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and language usage. 

·       Effective organization and a clear, logical argument.