analysis essay

Write a 3-4 page analysis essay on one of the on “Trigger Warnings and the Swaddled Generation.” Use the “Harvard Study” to provide contrasting evidence to the primary source.  To analyze the article, you will need to critique the author’s argument(s). In order to address an author’s arguments, you can directly address one or more questions posed in the discussion boards.
A Keyhole (or lens) comparison primarily focuses on text A (“Swaddled Generation”). Text B (“Harvard Study”) is then used to reveal truths about text A.  This is a keyhole comparison because we are looking though one thing to better see another. We do this all the time; it’s a lot easier to understand light when compared to heavy. However, since the emphasis is on text A, you only need to provide an introductory summary of “The Swaddled Generation.” Text B is only used on the body paragraphs. The assignment is very similar to the first essay, but you’ll be using the assigned second article to provide contrasting evidence.
Provide at least 3 quotes or paraphrases from article (primary source) to support your thesis; include in-text citations and a work cited page. All of the articles are electronic version, so you will not include page numbers.
Provide at least 2 quotes from a secondary source that supports your analysis of the article.