Anthropology 130 research simulation 3 studying primate traits and

The best way to learn about primates is to see them in action. In this assignment, you
will be playing the role of primatologist: observing primate behavior and documenting
your experience. The result will be a table of your observations and two paragraphs
describing what you have seen that connects to what we learned about primates from
the textbook and lecture.
Assignment Start
Months after turning in your report about Tibetan high altitude adaptations, you receive
an email from your instructor: “I have some bad news: the funding fell through on the
Tibet project so we won’t be going there. I hope you kept your receipts from the
camping store.”
Disappointed, you keep reading: “Don’t be disappointed! A colleague is studying primate
behavior and she needs students to help. As you know, modern primates exhibit a huge
range of behaviors. This range is rooted in the many traits that primates possess. By
observing primate behavior in a natural or natural-ish environment, we can add to our
knowledge of what they are capable of and compare different groups. The work is pretty
flexible because you can do this online or in person. Read on for details…”


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