Decision making, committee work, or creating policies

Decision making, committee work, or creating policies

As a health care administrator, you will often do research on a topic to provide background information for decision making, committee work, or creating policies. It is often best practice to use a comparison table to lay out and visualize your research notations. For this week’s assignment you will complete a comparison table on hospital care across three time periods and analyze the similarities and differences of the different topics for each of the time periods in the table. You will summarize key findings for the topics and draw appropriate conclusions in a 2–3-page paper, with your comparative table in the appendix.

Imagine you are a patient with a serious illness in a hospital in the 1800s, in the 1960s, and today. Think about the room configurations, the skills of the nurses and other staff, the level and type of care, and how you would pay for the care, both now and in the previous centuries.

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