This assignment comprises a creative visualisation summarising your design research for the module and will inform your final assignment (A2).
The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of the complex interplay between identity and culture within a relevant design context
developed through your design research fieldwork and an ability to communicate these concepts through design visualisations.
The instructions are as follows:

  1. CHOOSE a physical space or place for the subject of your analysis (this could be a museum, library, club, cultural centre, community space, business or
    similar) which compels an analysis of design and identity. This will be the object of your case study.
    UNDERTAKE fieldwork to compile a case study of the ways in which your chosen ‘space’ defines and/or is defined, by how it communicates with its users
    through design.
    DESIGN an experimental ‘poster’ that can include mapping, drawings, collage, photographs, video, sound, digital renderings, mood boards, and physical
    objects. Text can be included in the form of headings, key words, brief explanations, quotes, etc. but should not exceed a maximum of 200 words
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