Disturbances in Circulation & Inflammation

Disturbances in Circulation & Inflammation

Create a case study from one of the circulatory issues described in this unit as your original post. Ask some questions from your case study that you would like your classmates to comment on. Then, reply to two other case studies from other students.
This is an exercise in getting to know patients condition before death. Knowing these pathologies will help you, as the embalmer, to know what possible plan of action to take in preparing the deceased.
Here is an example of a simple case study:
A 21 year old man died on his birthday in his college dorm room. His friends took him out to celebrate his birthday, and he became severely intoxicated. The man’s blood alcohol level was over 0.40, which resulted in a lethal alcohol intoxication. Prior to convulsions and coma, he spent the night vomiting. During your case analysis, you notice that the man’s face is covered with small red dots under the skin. He also has some blood in his mouth and nose, and the whites of his eyes have red dots similar to those on his face.
1) What disorder do you think the person had at the time of death?
2) What potential complications do you anticipate?
3) What precautions should you take as the embalmer to limit the effects of these complications?

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