“Eveline” by James Joyce and “Desiree’s

“Eveline” by James Joyce and “Desiree’s

o review two short stories, “Eveline” by James Joyce and “Desiree’s
Baby” by Kate Chopin and think about writing about one of the following options:
1.“Desiree’s Baby” and “Eveline” have very different characters, yet both explore something about the strengths
and weaknesses each character possesses. Compare and contrast two character traits and provide evidence from
the stories for each.
Symbols in both stories play an important role. Discuss two symbols from each short story and analyze their
importance to the overall theme of the story. How do these symbols move the story forward?
Who are the antagonists and what role do they play in these stories? What feelings do they elicit in the
protagonists and are some in juxtaposition to each other?
What are the conditions and reasons for Eveline’s decision at the end of the story? How did this happen?
Of the two characters, who elicits the most sympathy from the reader? Provide three reasons for this sympathetic
view by the reader and provide evidence from the story.
Should Eveline and Desiree be considered victims of the circumstances that surround them? To what extent do
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they have control over the course of events? Provide evidence from the stories.
Provide a one to two page essay answering one of the following above. Please make sure to provide evidence
from the stories to illustrate your argument. When doing so, please provide a paragraph number where the
evidence was found in the story.

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