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 Task is to create an Evidence-based Practice Guide for beginning teachers, in which you demonstrate how selected evidence-based practices (EBPs) could be used in a high school classroom where there are students with special educational needs included. Select one area of skills that you wish to address in your guide (e.g., communication skills, social skills, literacy, numeracy, self-determination). Chosen area is Social skills, focusing on the following 2 strategies: • Social narratives • Social skills training Begin the guide with an introduction that describes the importance of having a solid knowledge base of research-based teaching strategies and interventions. The practices you include can be strategies (proactive) or interventions (reactive). For each strategy/ intervention you include, please be sure to provide: 1. a complete desсrіption of the practice, including when/why it would be used, 2. implementation instructions detailed enough that a beginning teacher could follow the directions and use the strategies, 3. a summary of the evidence supporting the practice for the area you decided to focus on. Please make also sure to acknowledge the population for which an EBP is effective.  

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