Explore the relationship between communication theory and research

Explore the relationship between communication theory and research

Explore the relationship between communication theory and research

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Written Assignment 1
Explore the relationship between communication theory and research. Your goal is to use a
research article to help you understand and suggest revisions to the theory of your choice.
Choose one of the theories listed below:
• Coordinated Management of Meaning of Pearce & Cronen
• Expectancy Violations Theory of Burgoon
• Uncertainty Reduction Theory of Berger
• Interactional View of Watzlawick
• Social Judgment Theory of Sherif
• Cognitive Dissonance Theory of Festinger
• Elaboration Likelihood Model of Petty and Cacioppo
• Uses and Gratifications of Katz
For the theory that you choose, you must locate and read a peer-reviewed, research-based
journal article that explicitly addresses the theory. The article should have been published within
the previous 5 years (since 2010). For examples of appropriate journals, see the list posted on
McGraw Hill’s website for the textbook.
In your paper, address the following questions:
Briefly describe the key components of the theory. Which of the primary concepts and
relationships of the theory does the article test? What are the study results? Based on the
results, how should the theory be revised? Be sure to include both your thoughts and those of
the article’s authors.
Your paper should be 2 pages of text (1 inch margins on all sides, Times New Roman, 12 point font,
double-spaced) in a Word document. Additionally, you should include a cover sheet and reference
page within the same document. Please use APA 6th edition format. Please submit your completed
assignment to the D2L dropbox. For this assignment, you should upload the journal article (saved as
a pdf document) as well as your paper. This assignment is worth 50 points.
Rubric Points Possible
Describe theory 5
Describe concepts/relationships tested 10
Article results – especially those pertaining to the theory 10
Revisions to theory
Suggested by authors 10
Suggested by student 5
APA formatting and writing 5
Article choice
Peer-reviewed journal 3
Research-based article 2
Total 50
Do not use an article from Communication Teacher, as this journal does not print research articles.
Do not use an article already assigned to be read for class. To help you confirm that your article is
research-based, look for a Methods and a Results section.

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