Healthcare Policy Blog

1. Name the healthcare policy blog and identify the organization and/or moderator of the blog. Include the author’s credentials and date of most recent updates.

2. Choose three different main topics in that particular blog and summarize the concepts that have been discussed.

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3. From the three topics you choose, create a response to one of the blog topics with your views, experiences, and frame of reference.

4. Use headings to organize your post. For example, Healthcare Policy Blog, Three Main Topics, Blog Response.

5. Include at least one reference/resource from your course materials and at least one additional source besides your texts and readings that is a peer reviewed scholarly article within the last 5 years.

Search the internet for a Healthcare Policy Blog. Google healthcare policy blogs and you will retrieve a number of blogs. Examples of blogs that you may explore are the Health Care Law Blog, Health Beat, Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review, WSJ Health Blog, and Healthcare Economist. You may choose from these or find others. There are so many interesting ones!

A blog is maintained by an individual who writes individual commentaries, description of events, or videos and graphics about a specific subject area. Other blogs are personal online diaries. They are displayed in reverse chronological order and are interactive allowing visitors to post responses (blogs) as well.