How to improve the efficiency of talent recruitment in the organisation

How to improve the efficiency of talent recruitment in the organisation

How to improve the efficiency of talent recruitment in the organisation

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Researching Work, Employment and Employee Relations
Final Assessment: Writing a research proposal
This assignment aims to prepare you for your dissertation by having you write a 1800 words dissertation research proposal based on your chosen dissertation topic and research approach.
Using the outline of proposed research from Henn et al. (2009) as a guide (see below and the second attached document), your assignment involves writing a research proposal which include:
1) Research problem to investigate
a. Purpose of your research
b. Justification for your research
c. Research questions, aims and objectives
d. Definition of key terms and concepts
2) Review of the literature
3) Methodology to be used
a. Research design
b. Sample
c. Instruments to be used
d. Procedures and data collection
e. Data analysis foreseen (i.e. specific statistical test and analysis in case of quantitative analysis and/or type of qualitative data analysis)
4) Ethical considerations
Marking criteria
This assignment counts for 40% of your overall course mark. The marking criteria will be as follows:
* Contextualisation of your research including relevant literature (30%);
* Justification of your research design (25%);
* Data collection and methods for primary and secondary analysis (25%);
* Consideration of ethical issues (5%);
* Presentation and clarity of your research proposal including quality of the English writing and appropriate referencing (15%)
Deadline: 4th May 2015 by noon.
Find below and in the second document an extract from Heen et al . 2009 about how to write a research proposal. Additional references on key concepts to be included in the research proposal are:
Alan Bryman and Emma Bell, Business Research Methods, Oxford University Press
Alan Bryman, Social Research methods, Oxford University Press

The title: How to improve the efficiency of talent recruitment in the organisation

1.The number of reference is 15.

2. Is dissertation quantitative or qualitative? Are u seeking to test theories or make new theoretical insights

3. Is the process of data collection qualitative, quantitative or mixed method?

4.Could u please choose an enterprise to investigate? The research of essay is based on the MNC. Some widespread enterprises cannot be considered, for example Mcdonald’s

5.The content of essay should include the independent variables (X) and dependent variables (Y). Try to find a relationship between X and Y in the content of essay.

6.The research will conduct primary and second method to collect data. The primary method includes the interview and questionnaire.

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