I will upload some readings from the class and thought maybe the


My course is Homosexuality and Visual Culture. The course is about the history of sexuality and queers, alongside artwork in all forms (drag shows, paintings, sculptures, etc (ASSIGNMENT IS DUE MAY 9TH at 10AM so i need it before then)

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You are now the curator at a museum organizing an exhibition of work by and/or about gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersexed, transgender and/or queer artists and issues. You will want to look back at some of the essays from this course, which addressed exhibitions such as Hide/Seek, Difference and Desire in American PortraitureRrose is a Rrose is a Rrose: Gender Performance in Photography and Robert Atkins essay which addressed In A Different Light.

Your exhibition must include art, which was discussed in at least three of the units from this course and must include at least 5 artists (you may also include artists we did not discussed in this course). The exhibition should have a theme or idea that ties it together.


Please write a 500-750 words introduction to your exhibition. Discuss the themes the exhibition addresses, which historical period or periods it covers and which artists are included. Please be sure to draw on the reading and discussions from at least three units of this course. You must include an image of at least one artwork to represent each artist, which is included in your exhibition. You must also include the title of your exhibition and at least a 2 to 3 sentence biography of each artist. You may want to look at various museum websites and press releases for their exhibits to get an idea of how to approach this assignment.

I will upload some readings from the class and thought maybe the topic could be themed around lesbians and women? Up to you. Thank you SO much!!!

heres another reading: https://books.google.com/books?id=hWRYkPGsL1YC&pg=PA1&source=gbs_toc_r&cad=4#v=onepage&q&f=false