Improving Disaster Resilience in the Community- (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Improving Disaster Resilience in the Community- (Jakarta, Indonesia)

For assessment two, you may select a community and evaluate the community’s social and physical vulnerability and resilience to hazard(s). You will then identify two (2) stakeholders in the community whose actions could currently contribute to disaster resilience in that community. Your analysis will need to evaluate how your chosen stakeholders currently contribute to the community’s social and physical infrastructure and offer suggestions for how the stakeholders can work together or co-operate – or deepen their cooperation if they already work together – to increase the resilience of the community’s social and physical infrastructure over time.
The assessment should use existing publicly available data/literature about the community and should adopt good practices for risk reduction (apply the Sendai Framework). You must present your evaluation in the form of a report that can be acted upon by relevant stakeholders within your selected community.
Write a 3000 word report on your chosen community.
• You may select a community of any size, from a small village to a major metropolitan city or country.
• The community may be from a developing country or a developed country.
• You may focus on a specific hazard or a range of hazards that threaten the community. The hazard(s) may be natural or human-induced.
• The report must identify, apply and fully reference appropriate concepts and models.
As a minimum, your report should include:
• The geography and demographics of the community.
• The natural and man-made hazards that threaten the community.
• A disaster risk analysis within your chosen community.
• A summary of the existing disaster resilience strategy for the community.
• An analysis of existing and potential private and/or public sector partnerships and how they do or could enhance disaster resilience.
• An assessment of the varied perspectives (e.g. economic priorities, social goals, or others) of your selected stakeholders on issues related to disaster resilience.
• A discussion of how your selected stakeholders currently contribute to existing disaster management plans and governance.
• An identification of elements of physical, social, economic, and/or environmental perspectives of resilience that apply to your selected community.

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