Interview and interrogation | Criminal homework help


Identify a case in the press published on the digital pages of a newspaper (include as an attachment [after the references].

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The case must be recent and the case has not been resolved by the court. It can be from Puerto Rico or the United States.

The case to be selected must have at least one suspect identified by the Police.

Make a narrative where you summarize the information of the case published by the different news media.

Once the case is established, you will proceed to assume the role of investigator who will question one of the suspects in the case.

As a continuation of the narrative of the case, you will write the process of intervention with the suspect and the preparation to begin the interrogation.

With the information presented in the press, you are going to create the questions that you are going to ask the suspect in the case in that interrogation.

It should include the questioning technique(CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: REED TECHNIQUE, PEACE METHOD, KINESIC TECHNIQUE) that you will perform, and the questions to be asked should be aligned with the technique. You need to include the purpose of each question next to it (what information do you intend to get from that question).

The questions should go in the direction of answering the following: who? How? When? Where? Why?

Remember, at all times, the constitutional rights of the suspect.

It is essential that you use the APA format (7th edition) when citing where appropriate and making references.