Journal 8;Davidson, Roger H., Walter J. Oleszek, and Frances E. Lee.

Journal 8;Davidson, Roger H., Walter J. Oleszek, and Frances E. Lee.

Journal 8;Davidson, Roger H., Walter J. Oleszek, and Frances E. Lee.

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Read the instruction carefully and fully then write the essay and please follow the description exactly the same. The reason is because I have experienced some writers that did not follow the instructions. Thank you

First Please read Chapter 11 and 12 of the textbook below Davidson, Roger H., Walter J. Oleszek, and Frances E. Lee. Congress and Its Members. 14th edition. CQ Press. 2013. ISBN: 978-1452239958
To access to the book please go to
Password: choi1472

After you read the chapters please apply it to the essay with the ARTICLE You’ll read a magazine or newspaper article. THE ARTICLE MUST BE ON THE SEPARATION OF POWERS IN UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT The articles will come from popular magazines, newspapers, or their websites, THE ARTICLES HAS TO BE FROM EITHER New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Also THE SEPARATION OF POWERS article has to be about United States not other Counties etc. DO NOT USE FOX NEWS OR MSNBC!

Somin, I. (2014, April 29). Does separation of powers lead to a monarchical presidency? Retrieved November 2, 2014. The objective of this journal is to develop your critical thinking skills in at least three areas:
Rivkin, D., B. & Foley, E., P. (2014). The Case for Suing the President: Rewriting ObamaCare laws on the fly is a violation of the constitutionally mandated separation of powers. Retrieved on November, 23 2014 from <>

First, you will hone your ability to summarize in a succinct manner what the article says. Second, it will develop your ability to connect outside themes (the article) to course material (lectures, reading, and discussions). Please apply the textbook reading in the essay that relates the article THIS IS CRUCIAL—your analysis must NOT proceed in a vacuum, but rather by applying course materials to your writing. Finally, to provide a measured, reasoned response to what you read. a) Each entry will be NO MORE than two pages, double-spaced (or one page, single-spaced). The first paragraph should summarize the main points of the article. The rest of the entry will apply course material (insights from reading, discussions, and lecture) to understand what the article means for the institutions under consideration (i.e. not just the specific member or members of Congress and/or the presidency generally, beyond the vagaries of the immediate circumstances discussed in the article Lastly apply the reading when writing the essay


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