Piagetian vs vygotsky | Education homework help

 The members of the board at The School of Changing Tides are embroiled in a heated debate over the drafting of a new educational policy: Some board members favor the adoption of a Piagetian approach, while others endorse a Vygotsky an approach. They have asked a panel of experts (including you) to advise them concerning the future direction of their school.

A) Provide a contrast of these two theories and the ways they account for cognitive development. B) Which of these theories should inform the school’s educational policy? Write an argument in support of the approach you would favor. C) Illustrate the practical application of the approach you’ve supported by describing how a preschool teacher might use this approach to instruct one of the following topics: the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, the numbers 1 through 9, or the difference between mammals and reptiles.

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