Quantitative Research Methods

Quantitative Research Methods

MNG03048 Quantitative Research Methods

Assignment 3: Requirements
A researcher wants to investigate the cause of obesity in various countries and believes that it is a function of the number of McDonald’s restaurants per 1,000 people and the number of televisions per 1,000 people.
Perform a multiple regression analysis using obesity as the dependent variable and McDonald’s and TVs as the independent variables. Use the SPSS data file to prepare a 2,500 report using the following structure:
? Purpose
? Background
? Method
? Results
? Discussion
? Recommendations
? Statistical Appendix.
Your report needs to include the following key elements:
i. Provide a descriptive analysis of all three variables.
ii. State the multiple regression equation.
iii. Interpret the meaning of the regression slope coefficients in the equation.
iv. Determine whether each independent variable make a statistically significant contribution to the model
v. Calculate the predicted obesity rate for Australia? How does this compare to the actual obesity rate for Australia?
vi. Interpret and explain the adjusted R2.
vii. Conduct a residual analysis and determine the adequacy of the model. That is, do a scatter plot of the standardized residuals (ZRESID) by the standardized predicted values (ZPRED) and interpret the results for your model.
viii. Conduct a partial regression analysis (i.e., produce a partial regression plot for obesity by each independent variable) and interpret this analysis.
Your report must be submitted as a single file (maximum of 2500 words) with an appendix that contains the details of your statistical analyses.

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