The purpose of this assignment is for you as a student to think carefully and clearly of the important concept dealing with this week: race.  I also want you to think of the distinction between something being socially constructed or natural (real).


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Please answer the following question:

Q: How does a blind belief in the rightness of one’s religion lead one to do evil things to others, or do you think that religious hatred is simply an excuse for bad people to do bad things to others? 

  1. Step 1 Do the reading for this week (so will also need to apply reading from last week)
  2. Step 2 Answer the question in detail, making sure that:
    1. Define any concepts related to the question, properly explain the concepts, and provide examples
    2. You provide in depth analysis and critical assessment.
    3. Get one article from library discussing this position (keywords: Religious Hatred and Genocide)
  3. Click Submit Assignment in the upper right to choose the upload type for your assignment, Then click Submit Assignment to complete the submission.

Submission Format

The paper is expected to:

  1. Have a proper heading: name, date, Class, and SWA number.
  2.  12 font, double spaced; 2 full pages.
  3.  Full Bibliography, and you can find the bibliography for your texts in the syllabus.
  4.  MLA or APA is fine, but properly formatted.
  5.  Make sure that in providing your answer that you use the articles I provide.
  6.  You must provide page numbers from the article if you quote or if you paraphrase
  7.  If you do not cite (with page numbers) your grade drops by a letter grade on the assignment.
  8.  Please submit your assignment by uploading a Microsoft Word Document or a PDF file, .rtf and .txt are accepted as well.
  9. You must only use the articles provided for that weeks reading.  If you do not, your grade will drop considerably.  If you only use articles from another article, and none from the class, you will be docked two to three letter grades, plus whatever penalties for not answering the question.