Role of the government in Japanese industrialization

Role of the government in Japanese industrialization

“Discuss the role of the government in Japanese industrialization.”
Thesis and forecast:
Though being a late comer had its undeniable challenges, Japan did have an impressively quick and successful industrialization. Japan’s competent
government played a key role in industrial success, helping put necessary laws and industries in place. Japan’s existing and growing ideologies further aided
industrialization. However, coming into industrialization late still meant dependence on the West and kept Japan from being a larger player within
Body paragraphs:
Japan had a competent, centralized government that implemented important changes for industrialization. In the late 19th century, Japan’s government
quickly established a national market, banning internal tariffs and sponsoring a large railroad system throughout Japan. They also formed another key aspect
of industrialization: mass education of workers. Aided by the Confucianist tradition of education, Japan’s government was able to form an impressive
education system, with over 98% of young girls and boys alike in school. In particular, as part of Japan’s modernization, they emphasized the sciences,
allowing Japanese children to eventually become innovators.

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