Science Article (Respiratory Syncytial Virus:

Topic: Science Article (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)
Type: Informative or Literature Review
   Literature reviews gather and synthesise all major studies on a particular subject to answer deeper questions about what we might learn by having all of the information. What we currently know and what we dont know between the two. A literature review is a review of current literature; its a meta-study. A study of what other studies say.
   An informative essay wants the medical audience to learn something from the work. In other words, it may answer a question.
Length: 6-10 pages (MLA format)
Sources: I will provide 3 articles from peer-reviewed journals. If needed, you can use additional RELIABLE academic sources for the supplement.
Audience: For this essay, you will relate scientific information for a scientific audience. Assume its being sent to a medical journal. 
The essay should show skills in narrowing down information, evaluating sources, setting up your sources, summarising, synthesising, engaging your audience, opening and closing strongly, and citing correctly.
Note: the tone should be academic and dont use I or you. Also, please cite in-text and quotations accordingly to MLA8.
Note: a rough draft of 2 pages is due Tuesday at 11:59 PM PST.