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What ghost writers do

Our writers are able to work on anything that the professors throw your way. From term papers, essays, research papers, to dissertation and thesis, nothing is too difficult for them. Our professors are experts in different academic fields, ensuring that there is nothing that cannot be handled. It does not matter what your academic field, what level you are in, or even how difficult you think your assignment is, the professors are here to churn and turn them into just what your troublesome college professor needs

Cost of our services

Our costs vary, depending on the kind of an order you have for us. There is a minimum and maximum price that the professors bidding on your order can request.

How fast can your paper get delivered?

It is important to note that we use the auction style to get writers for your order. This means that there’s a probability of getting a genius to work on your paper. A genius is able to work on a difficult, 25 dissertation-paper in four hours. Or is he? However, in most cases, you are likely to get a really good professor who is able to deliver your paper on time. We ensure that our professors are able to work and deliver their work within the stipulated time. We understand the forgotten assignments, and that is the reason we punish you by charging more, did I just say punish, yes, and I meant it. The good side, we reward you by giving you the grade in the shortest time: it is a win-win situation for everyone here. The professor develops blood pressure when working on the too urgent tasks, you clear your account, or is it a lose-lose. No, we all win, since our professors make the impossible, the unimagined, whatever you wish it to be.

While the Panda professors are well-prepared to handle any task that you bring their way, it is important to help them do it right. So how can you do that?

  1. Understand your paper

It is important to understand your assignment. How much work do you think it needs? Understanding your project makes you realistic. You do not have to ask a writer to do a 40-page research paper in six hours. While someone may try, it may not end up as good as you need it to be. 

  1. Provide the professor with all necessary details

Our writers are great at doing what they do. However, without the necessary information, even the best may end up not delivering the best. It is important to provide all the instructions given by your professor. Attach the materials needed. Details such as word count, referencing style to use among others. Be as specific as you can.

Providing the necessary information will help you choose the right writer for you. It will also ensure that you get your paper in the right package. 

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